The 8 Alliance committees are comprised of Board members, staff and members from various infant mental health associations that make up the Alliance. 


This group consists of the following subcommittees who come together on a quarterly basis to share progress on various areas of research: Reflective Interaction Observation Scale, Training, Endorsement®, Reflective Supervision Self Efficacy Scale, IMH Home Visiting Studies, Evaluation and others. The committee has a shared investment in advancing the filed of IECMH through research. Participation in the subcommittees varies, but many meet monthly to discuss their specific research focus.  All meetings are by conference call.  Committee Co-Chairs: Christopher Watson (MN) and Lorraine Kubicek (CO)

Policy & Systems Development

This committee meets monthly, by conference call, to share ideas and collaborate around policies and programs that will promote IMH and work force development in the infant family field. This subcommittee is currently working on pursuing third party billing, including Medicaid, for infant mental health services. Committee Co-Chairs: Rhonda Rairden-Nelson (IA) and Angela Webster (TN)


This committee is intended as a place to share ideas and promote collaboration around the development and delivery of competency-based training in and among licensed IMH associations. Most recently, the committee produced guidelines related to quality and quantity of on-line training for those seeking and/or renewing Endorsement®.  This committee meets periodically, by conference call.  Committee Chair: Noelle Hause (CO)


This committee meets bi-monthly by conference call.  Committee Chair: Susan Dickstein (RI).  The intent of this group is to provide a space for leaders from each licensed IMH association to benefit from lessons learned.  The leaders share information and gain input on matters related to implementing the Competency Guidelines® and Endorsement® including the following:

  • Building capacity for reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C)

  • Consistency of policies and protocols to assure quality and reciprocity

  • As necessary, interpretation of Competency Guidelines® & Endorsement® requirements

  • Marketing & recruitment

  • Collaboration with other prenatal to six, family programs across systems

  • Strengthening each association’s presence & activity

  • Board development

  • Development of cross walks between Competency Guidelines® & other systems/trainingsCompetency-based training


This committee meets monthly by conference call.  The intent of this group is to provide a space for Endorsement® Coordinators (and/or others who serve in this role) to give and receive support when difficult conversations arise.  Additionally, training and technical assistance is often the focus of these calls. Questions and concerns arise that relate to matters of policy and protocol and are discussed by the group. Committee Chair: Ashley McCormick (MI)

Weatherston Summit for Alliance Leaders

This committee’s role is to plan the annual Alliance meeting. This group is typically made up of a) one or two Alliance staff, b) one or two from the IMH association who will host, and c) other Alliance representatives. Planning includes details about lodging, meeting space, meals and about the content/agenda for the retreat itself. This group meets monthly, by conference call.  Committee Chair: Nichole Paradis (MI)

Annual Reflective Supervison Symposium

This committee's role is to plan the annual Reflective Supervision Symposium.  The Symposium's purpose is to deepen the exploration of the practice of reflective supervision/consultation.  The Symposium is a collaborative event that is co-hosted by the Alliance and a different Alliance state IMH association each year.  This group meets monthly, by conference call.  Committee Chair: Sheryl Goldberg (MI)