Early Relational Health Screen

Early relational health lays a critical foundation for the optimal development of infants and young children.  The Alliance is committed to promoting relational health through universal health promotion, prevention, monitoring and intervention strategies.  

The Early Relational Health Screen (ERHS; Willis et al, unpublished manuscript) is an effective tool for detecting, monitoring and promoting relational health across settings.  This user-friendly, video-based standardized relational screening and monitoring tool can address the functional, emotional, behavioral, and psychosocial health of infants and toddlers and their primary caregivers.  The ERHS can be used to observe and monitor the relational interactive patterns of parent-child dyads at regular developmental intervals, and typically involves a brief videotaped unstructured play session with a standard set of toys, and for toddlers a brief “challenge” segment during which the child must follow the parent’s lead. Video review with parents provides an opportunity for promoting strengths and nurturing positive early relationships.

The Alliance will be offering a variety of training and consultation services related to early relational health promotion.  If you are interested in joining our email list to receive resources and information about opportunities for training on the Early Relational Health Screen, please complete the form below.  We anticipate being able to begin sharing information and resources related by Summer 2019.

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