Infant Mental Health Journal

The Infant Mental Health Journal (IMHJ) is the official publication of the World Association for Infant Mental Health and is copyrighted by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health.  It was first published in 1980 as a quarterly journal. Now issued bimonthly, the INFANT MENTAL HEALTH JOURNAL publishes peer-reviewed research articles, literature reviews, program descriptions/evaluations, clinical studies, and book reviews that focus on infant social-emotional development, neurobiological correlates of emotional development, caregiver-infant interactions, contextual and cultural influences on infant and family development, and all conditions that place infants and/or their families at risk for less than optimal development. The journal is dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches, including diverse theoretical views, to the optimal development of infants and their families. Special emphasis is given to high risk infants and very young children and their families. Editor-in-Chief: Paul Spicer, PhD. E-mail: