Infant Mental Health Home Visiting (IMH-HV)

A voluntary HV model delivered by clinically-trained, master’s level professionals who provide weekly home visits to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and families with infants and young children.

IMH-HV has 3 unique characteristics that separate it from other HV models:

  • Infant-parent psychotherapy offers parents the opportunity to express and understand their feelings from past or present trauma, loss, abuse, neglect, or depression that threaten to interrupt the development of secure, stable, and enduring parent-child relationships.

  • Clinically trained, masters-level professionals with an IMH-Endorsement®, specially prepared to provide preventative and therapeutic interventions to help families address unresolved issues that may disrupt a baby’s healthy development.

  • Eligible families may be very high risk (i.e. complex and co-occurring needs such as poverty, depression, domestic violence), have more than one child, and/or enroll anytime from pregnancy through a child’s 2nd birthday.

IMH-HV also provides case management, developmental guidance, emotional support, life skills, and social support. IMH-HV’s goals are to help parents build secure attachment relationships with their babies; promote a child’s healthy growth and cognitive development; and reduce child abuse and neglect. IMH-HV is a unique service of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, provided statewide by 46 community mental health provider agencies.

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IMH-HV is currently being evaluated by the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry in partnership with...


The evaluation is comprised of a multi-trial approach to assess the impact of IMH-HV on: Parent Health, Child Health, Positive Parenting, Linkages & Referrals, Reductions in Child Maltreatment, Family Economics & Self-Sufficiency, Child Development & School Readiness, Reductions in Juvenile Delinquency, Family Violence & Crime, and Therapist/Therapy/Reflective Supervision.

The following report (Fall 2018) summarizes the three studies that were used to examine the efficacy and impact of IMH HV, in addition to explaining the activities of the Research Advisory Board members who are all engaged in analyzing the data. Download now.

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